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New children’s book ‘The Little Trailblazers’ compiles 21 of the best illustrators and pioneers to help support Unicef

This week saw the release of a new book published by Mendo Books. ‘The Little Trailblazers’ sees an incredible collaboration of 21 internet pioneers and 21 illustrators devise 21 inspirational stories for children between 2-5 years old. When I discovered the book’s release, it immediately sparked my interest due to its stunning visuals and heart-warming purpose; to raise money for Unicef.

Created by Rob Ford, whose previous work involved writing ‘The History Of Web Design’ and is also an avid champion of mental health. This new venture sees “all the profits from the sale of this book will go to help Unicef’s work for vulnerable children around the world”, it reads on Mendo’s shop.

“Small Town Turtle Sisters Take On New York City”, a story by Leslie Bradshaw, illustrated by Paula Araújo Losas.
Source: https://www.mendo.nl/product/the-little-trailblazers/

Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder of the pioneering design agency Ueno notes that his daughter created the illustrations for their contribution (see below).

Illustration by Emma Haraldsdottir, from the story “Mono”, by Haradur Thorleifsson

With a huge wealth of talent involved in the creation of the book, it’s clear that the publication will help inspire the next generation. Be it illustration, ideas and technology, social good or writing, the values which are approached here are nothing short of inspirational.

Illustrators include: Romain Bouchereau, David Pinisha, Simone (Si) Parmeggiani, Astara Bakker, Ronald Vermeijs, Oguzhan Secir, Carolina Pontes, Sofiya Dubinskaya, Doug Alves, WEARBEARD, Turgay Mutlay, Andrew “skooj” Skuja, Greg Hoyna, Amy Lane, Lucile Danis Drouot, Renate Postma, Paula Araújo Losas, Ailisha Sabalburo, Adam Chang, Emma Haraldsdottir, Anita Fontaine.

“The 21 original stories are of empowerment, equality and being your authentic self,” the site reads. With the anonymity that the web provides, this brings a credible and admirable authenticity to the forefront and prevails in its mission to serve as a wealth of inspiration for years to come.

‘The Little Trailblazers’ is out now and available to purchase here – https://www.mendo.nl/product/the-little-trailblazers/

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