Stuart Williams | Freelance Senior UI & UX Designer | CRO Consultant

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24 Hour Hackathon Brief

Designed during a 24 hour hackathon in Manchester, me and a few developers set about building a solution to using the new beacon technology from Rise.

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Beaconnected, a play on words from Beacon and Connected was used to help brand the product and give us a clear direction on the user interface palette.

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Tech Hubs

The concept being that when a user is connected to the beacon via location services, other users can contact them over the network via a job board. The beacon would be positioned in start-up hubs and tech community cafes where creatives and tech-lovers hang out.

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Platform for Networking

Teams, brands or businesses can contact users over the network via a search platform, the database for which was built by our back-end developer.

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Website and Application

Within the 24 hour period we managed to build a basic web app for the idea, the beginnings of an app via iOS and a branding kit. The graphics, branding and interfaces for which were all designed by me.

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