Puur Floors

A responsive website for London flooring specialists Puur. High quality product imagery highlight their most popular floor finishes; poured resin and polished concrete.

High-profile Clients

With high-profile clients such as Nike and Adidas, Puur Floors came to us at Onthree for a new and engaging website to showcase their latest projects and to help drive customer leads.

Walk our Floors

Users can now explore the various flooring installed throughout Central London via an interactive map. Noted alongside the location of the flooring is a product CTA which links the user to the product used for that client.

Carousel Prominence

Unique project carousels use the full height and width of the screen, sliding underneath areas commonly left for the menu alone. This experimental approach to the functionality has allowed us to showcase multiple brand imagery whilst keeping a consistent structure to the page.

Responsive Design

To accompany the high quality web experience I created a responsive mobile site to match. Stacked imagery allows for easy viewing, with imagery above the fold so users know there is more to explore. The pairing of Playfair Display and Roboto typefaces has worked well through project pages, and scaled beautifully into mobile.

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