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Stolen Restaurant

UX audit and hollistic social analysis report for one of Cambridge's top restaurants.


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UX Report in PDF format

About the client

Based in Cambridge UK, Stolen offer an expansive grill menu with attached Liquor Loft, transforming the nightlife in the city.

Website UX audit


Cambridge’s own Stolen Restaurant reached out to Moken during 2019 and asked for a UX audit of their website. As the lead UI/UX designer I was able to take on the project and complete a concise report that identified key conversion issues in the website.

The key business goal was to increase table reservations and drive booking enquiries through the website.

How did I have impact?

Written solely by me, the 23 page report suggested improvements to key features and components in the website. Taking into account the client’s key business goals, I was able to devise a top level analysis that provided a hollistic view of their offering and the type of content that could be improved.

Researching competitors in the same service sector I was able to provide takeaways alongside the findings detailed in the report. Competitive analysis was a key supporting factor in the analysis and ideation included in the report.

Below you’ll find some key screens from the report including the main website UX audit and a focus on social presence at the bottom. Want to read the whole report? Get in touch here.

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“Stuart is an exceptional UI/UX designer that has lead across many briefs and sectors during his time at Moken. I was able to fully trust his guidance and design judgment for all projects that came through the agency door with confidence that he’d make a success of the project. Stuart is also a great client-facing asset to have on a team, he conducts himself professionally on calls and communicates client goals and expectations back to the team accurately. Stuart has been a pleasure to work with and I hope to continue the relationship with him as much as possible moving forward.”

Barry Woodhall
Director at Moken (2016-2020)

Hollistic social analysis


Building on the website UX audit chapter of the report, I was also briefed to provide a hollistic analysis of the company’s social media presence.

How did I have impact?

By providing top level issues and suggestions on the company’s social media presence, it injected further insight and solutions into the report. Clarifying the need for an improved brand presence and photography, this chapter of the report gave top level advice and tips and enhancing this crucial customer touchpoint.

Special thanks/credits to:

Moken Design Ltd
Stolen Restaurant

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